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Trapaninside Tourist Service

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TrapanInside Massimo Baudo

via Osorio, 10 - 91100 Trapani (Sicily)

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Welcome to Trapaninside - Tourist Service



The right place to enjoy your holiday

"TrapanInside" was born at the beginning of 2013 from the enthusiasm of Maximum, young and trapani, providing a support service for tourism and logistics to the many visitors of the province of Trapani, wants to give a tangible sign of their desire to "DO". TrapanInside, not only sells services, such as rental of a vehicle, or trips to the artistic and naturalistic beauties of our territory, but assists them to what elsewhere is often forgotten: a mix of availability, courtesy and education, combined with the expertise and above all the affordable prices are a real cocktail a winning combination for customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer is the best advertisement for our young company.


New 2018

Bike Tour


The salt pans of Trapani : Discovering the white gold

Trapani city Centre : History, traditions and culture

In the first part of the tour, walking or cycling in the Natural Reserve of Saline, we are going to explore a pristine area, habitat of many protected animal species.

In the second part, a visit to the Salt museum of Nubia, will make you understand the importance of this mineral, that has characterized the economy of the territory of Trapani.

In a tour of approximately 3 hours, between the streets of the old Town, we will learn about the origins of this city, founded more than 3000 years ago, its rulers and its development.

We will take you also to visit the monuments and churches more beautiful, and finally we will show the popular traditions , 
for centuries, they are part of our city.


Erice : One of the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy

Street Food : Gastronomic specialities of Trapani

Do not be afraid! I have not thought of you climb up to Erice (750 m) in the bike.. :D

In 10 minutes , by cable car, we will reach the summit of Erice, known to be one of the most beautiful medieval villages in italy.

After a visit to the village, we descend by bike ( this time on the road admiring the wonderful views that the area has to offer us.

Make sure to do not forget to bring your camera !

Definitely the most "delicious", as one of our suggested Tours .

Walking the streets of the town, we will make you to savour the tastes and scents of tradition of Trapani,

Several "tasting" salty and sweet will give you the opportunity to learn about the ART of Street Food in Trapani.

ps. Forget the word DIET, if you spend your holiday in Trapani :D




Main goal of our work is the satisfaction of the customer. Anyone who enters our office will be seen not as a tourist, but as a friend, which dispense countless tips and opportunities on how to make unique and unforgettable your holiday.

In response, the gratitude of our customers is one of the fundamental factors that stimulates us to give always the best and that makes us understand that we are on the straight path.

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